This blog is simply inspired by a love for dogs. Each dog has a special personality, and a mind of its own–usually. Each dog, like people, has a certain way of communicating pain, hunger, a need for attention, and a host of other things we cannot begin to understand. Each breed has traits which are common to that specific group; and, like people, all dogs share some things in common. I like to see dogs and their interactions with their owners and other people. What motivates a dog’s actions? Hmmm. Sometimes, when dogs are with their owners,  I get to see who is controlling whom. That is where it really gets interesting. Do dogs give us cues? Do they have intention? For dogs, is there a conscious understanding of what they do? And what does that mean? In other words, Do they know?  I think we’d be surprised by what they actually are capable of. Don’t you?

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